Swinging the Bat

So the Tigers have their bats in order, the collective Batting Average is climbing out of the dismal hole that is >200. From top to bottom they’ve got them moving, unfortunately Craig Monroe and Ivan Rodriguez aren’t swinging the way that they’re capable of -in my opinion. Constantly swinging at bad pitches and either striking out or embarrassingly grounding out. Magglio is a joy to watch as he cleans up the men on base night after night, a bat that, for the most part, I feel the team is going to be relying on, but not so heavily that the bottom of the order are just thrown away at bats. Especially with clutch hitters like Monroe and Inge sitting in the bottom three.

Sean Casey can be a worry, but I see his stats climbing to where they were at the end of last year as he works his way out of the funk caused by the first for weeks of the year. While Casey is certainly the slowest man on the team, seconding Perez easily, in terms of base running he makes up for it with base hit RBIs and dynamite defensive plays that will help Guillen cut back on the errors for sure. While I’m on the subject of Guillen I feel he might have been better off keeping with the new throwing angle, in my opinion it seemed like he would be coming up with more plays reliably without causing a crucial error. Alas it seems he’s gone back to the old sidearm, that’s probably not such a bad thing, he’s familiar with it, and Casey is good enough that he pretty much gets anything you throw his way. I’d like to see Guillen’s new angle back, however, but it would probably require a lot of arm strengthening and I doubt the team can afford to keep with something a player is not comfortable with.

Seven-Game winning streak, I love it, great baseball, a lot of comeback runs like the Tigers are capable of, and fewer of these strong early innings and weak late games that lead to their losing. Do I think they can extend it to eight-wins? They’re certainly capable of winning every game they play if their entire order is clicking on all cylinders and if their pitching delivers from the starter to the bullpen. Do I think they can sweep three teams in a row? Again they’re very capable, but Seattle is not as easy a team to topple as say Baltimore or Kansas city, and being that they play the team only a few times in a given year the lineup is bound to be too unfamiliar with the pitching to make any kind of accurate prediction. Thankfully the same goes for Seattle, despite the fact that the Tigers are a team everyone is watching and scouting out.


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