Tigers v. Mariners 7/08/07

With the question about what affect the loss of Zumaya’s arm and presence out of the bullpen hanging in the air, and a potential to tie their high-streak of eight wins from 2006 the Tigers came back from an early deficit to show just how good the players off the bench can do. As I mentioned in an earlier post I’m highly impressed with how good the Tigers utility players have been coming off the bench, both defensively and at the plate. Today was no exception, Omar Infante was playing Center Field tonight and he went Three for Three, a home run away from hitting for the Cycle.

After Bonderman, who’s performances have been bumpy -especially in the first inning- allowed a three-run home run in the first inning went scoreless for the next two while the Bottom of the batting order started clicking on all cylinders and tied it up fast. After tying they went ahead, and continued to pile on runs all throughout the order. Despite allowing a total of five runs Bonderman pitched well, getting six strikeouts and generally keeping the ball in the zone. I absolutely attribute how many runs the Mariners scored to their dynamite hitting, they hit several pitches that were way out of the zone and nearly in the dirt.

And in the end Ichiro got on base in the 9th inning with a well executed bunt, which in my opinion is one of the few ways to get on base with the way Todd Jones pitches to contact, before Craig Monroe and Magglio Ordonez made two gem defensive plays to get Jones his thirteenth save.


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